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Procedures: The Erection Shot (Priapism)

Platelet Rich Plasma PRP is derived by drawing your blood and spinning it in a centrifuge and utilize PRP’s Healing and Growth Factors to regenerate new cellular growth, increased circulation, increase nourishment to the tissues as well as stimulating normal collagen synthesis replacing scar tissue.

Drawing your blood takes minutes, preparation of the blood takes 25 minutes or less and the procedures themselves take less than an hour all under just local anesthesia without any sedation.

There is generally mild inflammation and minimal discomfort and patients generally return to work the next day after these minimally invasive procedures.

Many men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction with a disproportionate number from the age of 40 years old through their 80’s and 90’s , Men who have had post-prostatectomy  and other urogenital surgeries suffer from Erectile Dysfunction . Unfortunately, this can jeopardize relationships and marriage.

Erectile Dysfunction may affect the ability to achieve an erection (Priapism) or maintain an erection to complete a sex act even with the use of Viagra and other similar medications

 The Erection Shot (Priapism) uses the Healing and Growth Factors from your blood to increase circulation of the Penis resulting in a firmer, thicker organ suitable for sexual activity

 A local anesthetic is used to make The Erection Shot relatively painless.

The ERECTION SHOT will help restore your Confidence and Sexual & Overall Health and relationship.

The Erection Shot (Priapism) …… $1,800.00

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